2 Hi Blooming Mill Stand 950 X 2240

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Used 2 Hi Blooming Mill Stand 950 X 2240 for sale
Manufacturer:IPROLAM, Romania
Model:2Hi 950x2240
Location: Romania
Main Stand
Rolls diameter: max 1000mm; min 900mm
Roll barrel lengths: 2240 mm
Max rotation of rolls: 120 rot/min
Max force on the bearings: 670 ton
Max. stroke of the upper roll 800 mm
Coupling bars from motors to working rolls:
o rotation of coupling bars : 0-120rpm; hydraulically balanced
o Ma. Momentum: 70tonxmeter
Main drive Motors
o Upper motor :DC, 3900KW; 0-120 rpm
o Lower motor: DC , 3900KW: 0-120 rpm
Manipulators : The stand is equipped with front and back manipulators with side guides and lifting fingers