Meba Estreme 600 800 Band Saw

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Used Meba Estreme 600 800 Band Saw for sale
Manufacturer: MEBA
Model: MEBA ESTREME 800 600
Year: 2012
Location: Romania

Technical Details:

cutting capacity Ø mm ☐ mm
90° Ø 600 800 x 600
motor [kW] 14,5
saw blade [mm] 9000 x 67 x 1,6
dimensions [mm] (LxWxH) 1950 x 4650 x 2400
Standard equipment
• MEBA high-performance package: electric ball screw saw feeding system with automatic cutting pressure- and feed control, saw blade lowers to the material in rapid speed
• Hydraulic material full-stroke clamping
• Powerful AC-saw drive for high efficiency coupled with low power consumption
• Automatic adjustment of saw blade guidance to material width
• Sturdy main clamping vice (double clamping vice)
• 67mm saw blade provides maximum cutting power
• Minimum speed- and saw blade control on the bandwheel